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Jewellery Styling to Stand Out

Jewellery is one of life’s guilty pleasures. Whether it’s an expensive fine jewellery piece or a demi-fine brand, the simplest jewellery pieces can turn a plain outfit into something spectacular. Here are some tips for jewellery styling to stand out.

Up to the Neck Jewellery model wearing ankh chain and other gold jewellery items sitting on a chair

So how can jewellery make you stand out as an individual?

By investing in different styles of jewellery you can keep your wardrobe minimal and

adapt with the seasons and trends using accessories. The classic look of timeless gold jewellery will bring out the beauty in everyone.

Stand out as an individual by purchasing jewellery that speaks to you. Don't worry too much about jewellery trends. Make a statement about you!

Gold bracelet on dressing table laying on glass trinket dish

If you like to talk with your hands a lot, how about accessorizing with stunning bracelets and bangles. As the accessory often forgotten, the detail in our Laid 2 Tier Bracelet will add sophisticated and understated personality to any outfit.

Open ended bangles are a great option if you feel you have larger wrists or you love to wear long nails. They easily slip on and off without any fiddling.

18k gold plated earrings on grey concrete jewellery dish

Aesthetic minimal earrings are wonderful, you just need to know how to wear them. If that's your style.

You want your earrings to provide a frame and enhance your features. The Up to the Neck Jewellery, Bubble Hoops are perfect for any face shape and style. 18k gold plated sterling silver, sleek & waterproof earrings. They are also the perfect size to take you from day to night.

Here are some simple tips on how to pick earrings for your face shape.

  • Small pixie features: Choose small/thin earrings to compliment for an understated look. Studs or small C hoops are perfect. To create an illusion of larger features go with longer drop earrings and bold textures,

  • Bold and bright features: To draw attention away from those features explore bold texture and medium shapes. To draw attention to bold features such as eyes go smaller, pick a smooth surface & explore complimentary colours.


A statement necklace will shine and stand out with the right neckline. Wearing strapless or v neck dresses or tops will allow the necklace to enhance your features.

18k gold plated Africa map necklace laying on a glass trinket dish

Round necklines or high collars? Consider a long pendant or team with statement earrings instead. Up To The Neck pieces such as the ‘With Love’ Necklace, are the perfect minimalist style statement piece for the individual who wants to pay tribute to their origin.

Plunging necklines with a larger bust can work well with shorter delicate pendants. If you are working with a smaller bust try plunging multi-layer necklaces or stack your own with a statement pendant and plain chain combination.

The beauty of jewellery is that it allows you to tell a story about your mood, your

personality and about the place you’re at in your life. To quote ‘Up To The Neck Jewellery’ - “Timeless & of the moment fashion pieces are not only for aesthetics”, so make sure your jewellery makes you stand out as an individual.

Gold rings and bracelets on concreate surface - banner


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