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Lady wearing white shirt and multiple rings, a customised name necklace and gold hoop earrings

If you're here you are wondering how to best care for or clean your demi-fine jewellery. We've got that covered for you below:


· Keep jewellery away from water! Remove all items before washing your hands, showering & swimming.

· Avoid contact with solutions such as lotions, oils, make-up, nail varnish remover, deodorant & perfume.

· Extreme heat and humidity can cause tarnishing. Please be mindful of this.

· Always remove jewellery before working out. Rings and neck jewellery.

· Top tip: With clean hands, your jewellery should be the last thing you put on after getting ready for your day/evening. Your jewellery should also be the first thing you take off at the end of the day/night.


· Store your jewellery pieces individually in the UTTN gift bag/boxes provided when not worn, out of direct sunlight.

· Always fasten necklaces and bracelets before storing to prevent tangling.


· We do not recommend using any solutions or chemically treated jewellery cloths to clean/shine your UTTN jewellery. If required, simply use a soft non-abrasive lint free cloth and gently buff to bring back natural shine on your stainless steel and sterling silver pieces.


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