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Symbolism of Rings When Worn on Each Finger

How much thought do you put into how and where you wear your everyday rings. Is it simply comfort or aesthetics? There is hidden, deeper meaning behind the finger we choose to wear rings. Depending on what you believe.

black womens hand wearing rings on index and middle fingers

Now we all know that the ring finger on the left hand in most western cultures is the one reserved for the ultimate commitment. A symbol of marriage, a promise and even self-love. But what about the other fingers?! What is the ancient spiritual meaning behind all finger symbolism for rings? It’s believed that being mindful of your ring placement can shift your energy, boost manifestation and/or shape the vibe within your life. Based on ancient history each finger and hand represents various aspects of our being and can draw in or project out that energy.

LEFT HAND VS RIGHT HAND In theory it is said that for most of us who wear rings daily the choice of hand (unless it's a wedding ring) automatically goes to the less dominant hand. This hand is less prone to knocks and bumps going about everyday life. Fashion rings worn on occasions are often worn on the dominant hand to be shown off and flaunted. However! Spiritually it is said that the dominant hand is what we use to project and the less dominant is the hand that draws in and receives. Dominant hand • Gives energy • Shares skill • Physical action • Masculine energy (dominance) • Yang

Other hand • Receives energy • Elaborates on a skill • Creativity & thinking • Feminine energy (receiving) • Yin What "energy" am I referring to? Let's get into it.

Black woman with afrio hair wearing rings on pinkie finger and ring finger

PINKIE FINGER - Ruled by: Mercury Mercury the messenger and most intelligent of the ancient Gods. Wearing a ring on the pinkie finger is said to improve your projection or reception to: • Communication • Intuition • Intelligence • Aspects of travel RING FINGER - Ruled by: Apollo Apollo the ancient God of music, dance, healing, prophecy and more. Wearing a ring on your ring finger would therefore project/improve your reception to: • Creativity • Aesthetic awareness • Good health • Prosperity MIDDLE FINGER - Ruled by: Saturn Saturn the ancient God of dissolution, plenty, renewal & seed. It is said a ring on the middle finger draws to or projects out: • Introspection • Balance • Wisdom INDEX FINGER - Ruled by: Jupiter Jupiter is the King of the ancient Gods. God of the sky and thunder. It is said a ring on the index finger therefore boosts: • Confidence/self-esteem • Opportunity • Abundance • Good luck THUMB - Ruled by: Mars Mars the God of war who stand alone. Just like the thumb. When you win what do you do.. Give a thumbs up. The sign of victory! Some powerful meanings are behind wearing a ring on the thumb: • Increased will power • Comfort • Affection • Freedom • Self-assertion These are some really interesting concepts! Culturally and spiritually there are many other beliefs and ideas. Has this made you think about rearranging your ring placement? For a guide on how to measure your finger for rings click here. To get yourself some new rings visit the store here.


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