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Jewellery Gift Ideas For Her At Christmas

Are you stumped on what gift to buy for a female friend, sister or partner? Here’s an idea, jewellery. You can never have enough jewellery! Gift shopping can be tricky but read on for UTTNJ’s quick tips for jewellery gift buying.

Think back to the last time you saw her. Even if it was this morning it's probably unlikely you'll remember what jewellery she had on right? Well there are just 2 simple questions you need to find the answer to then you're set for success!

First things first, snoop!

Take a peek at the jewellery on her dressing table. If you don't have access to her jewellery collection, her Instagram/Facebook photos will do too. What you find there is key to finding a gift she will love! The magic questions: Q1. Colour: What does she have more of: Gold, silver or rose gold? Q2. Size/style: Are most of her pieces small, delicate & understated or are they chunky, statement making & sparkly? Q3. (For brownie points) Quality: What is the most common metal type? Are they gold plated, sterling silver, stainless steel, gold plated jewellery or another type? Look out for markings on the inside/back. No worries if you can’t figure it out, just work with whatever metal type fits with you budget. Now it's time to shop! Now armed with the tools the rest is up to you. Sentimental and meaningful gifts are always received well. Look for something that catches your eye and immediately makes you think of that person. Maybe she adores elephants, 90s fashion or loves travelling.

Whatever you pick, try not to deviate too far from the norm. Always revert back to Q1 & Q2. Does it match her favourite metal colour and style? If yes, shortlist it. If no, keep it moving! Best of luck on your gift buying. If you're still after a little inspo we've picked our top three Up to the Neck Jewellery gifting pieces for Christmas.

P.s. Scroll down to the end for a little Christmas gift from Up to the Neck Jewellery to you.xx


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