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4 Secrets To Get Gifted Product As A Content Creator

Have you wondered how you can get gifted free items to create influencer content in 4 easy steps?

Starting out as a style influencer or content creator these days is hard. There are a lot of talented creators around. You have to post consistently and you need different items/looks to post. There is a sea of competition and you have to make moves that will make you stand out. It can get costly, right!

Small jewellery businesses are probably the easiest to approach as a new influencer. You both want to build up your profiles, so a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of collaboration deal is a good place to start. That’s where gifting fee jewellery comes into play.

There are key things a small business looks out for when choosing who to collaborate with, here are Up to the Neck Jewellery’s top tips:

black model wearing gold earrings, rings and necklace in a white shirt

1. Consistently engage with their social media posts.

What you want is to stand out from other influencers who simply copy & paste the same DM message to multiple brands in the hopes of getting a reply. Showing actual interest increases your chances of collaborating with that business especially if they are a small business starting out. This may also help your chances of gaining a brand partnership rather than just a one off gift.

Up to the Neck Jewellery social media posts

As you will know, engagement is so important on social media. Engaging with their content WILL get you noticed. Behind every social media account no matter how big, is a human reading and responding to comments. Show support and love for the jewellery brand. It's also more than likely that business will return the support by following & commenting back which is a win-win.

2. Ensure your followers match their target audience.

It’s not just the “who” but also the “where” & “how”. Yes you may absolutely love their rings but will your followers spend that amount on an item? HOW much would you spend on a set of rings if it wasn’t gifted? Influencers often forget to consider this when they request free product.

Wooden worlld wall map

WHERE are you & your followers based?

This doesn't always matter but depending on the business/product it may. Sometimes a small jewellery business in the early stages will want to target and build a community in their home country first.

3. Create content on your page which fits their aesthetic.

A lot of small jewellery businesses will want to feature influencer collaborations on their main feed & stories as well as major brands. Before responding to your message or agreeing to any collaboration someone from that brand will quietly vet your content. It may be a quick scroll or a more depth look at captions and comments. So make sure your page is ready.

Black content creator wearing beiege and brown tshirt and gold necklace

To make it an easy decision and quick win, ensure your content is aesthetically pleasing and connects to the brand ethos in some way. Does that brand favour neutral colours or bold neon? Are they minimalist or colourful and fun?

A key point to remember is to limit jewellery branded/ tagged items. They may not consider people who have already partnered/showcased a similar brand.

Brand collaborations are about getting good exposure so show them they will stand out on your page in a good way.

4. Start a friendly dialogue, never just ask for freebies!

A gifted collaboration is more than getting given free jewellery. It's a collaborative relationship. For your time, creativity & following that small business is giving away free jewellery for you to build content, wear & keep. You both have something to gain. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

DON'T use the same copy and paste message to every brand you approach.

DON'T speak only about yourself and what you want from them.

DO tell them about yourself. Tell them where you are based, your niche (if you have one), how you came across the brand etc. Round if off with how that fits with their small business.

DO mention what you love about the business/products. Maybe you love the meaning behind their latest collection. Or you took the time to read their latest blog post on their website. Be genuine & be specific.

After getting a dialogue going, DO show proof. Invite them to take a look at previous brand collaborations you've done. If you have never collaborated link them to a post which you feel showcases your ability to present products and received good engagement.

Close off your message by asking them if they are currently looking for influencer collaborations and to let you know how you can go about applying.


If you want to go a step further make a purchase! It could be the cheapest item on their website but it will give you MAJOR brownie points. This shows you genuinely like their products. Actions speak louder than words right!

Websote product page - add to cart

Think about it, that purchase alone tells that brand you really do mean what you say. This will increase your chances of being asked to be a brand partner not just a one off collaborator. This can also give you leverage to negotiate being a brand partner or getting extras such as a special discount code for yourself & followers or even a commission based on sales generated from your post(s).

Give these tips a try. Adapt and finesse them to suit your personality and social media goals. If you would like to collaborate with Up to the Neck Jewellery, follow these top 4 tips and get in touch!


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