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Find Out What Birthstone is For Each Month

Every Month has its Own Birthstone

Birthstone jewellery is a great option for a meaningful personalised birthday gift. Beautiful, vivid gemstones are always a hit. However it’s not only about selecting the correct birth month/colour for the wearer.

You can create added meaning by knowing the symbolism behind each birthstone by month. Also at Up to the Neck Jewellery you can add a personalised touch to any birthstone necklace with an initial charm.

Read through our birthstone list for a guide to birthstones for each month before making your purchase.

garnet colour birthstone necklace worn on model


Garnet is said to be a protective stone and most commonly associated with a deep red tone. However did you know that Garnet can come in almost any colour!

Symbolises: Loyalty, faith & courage


The February gemstone amethyst comes in a range of tones from light lilac to a deep purple. The colour is strongly linked to nobility throughout history, along with spirituality & healing.

Symbolises: Peace, protection & tranquillity


The colour makes you think of clear blue tropical sea and that’s exactly what it is named after. The word “aquamarine” is the Latin term for “seawater”. It is said the gems protected seafarers while at sea and helped them remember their loved ones.

Symbolises: Love, health & happiness

April birthstone necklace worn on model


This is the most popular choice of gem of them all. This classic gem is looked upon as a status symbol. Diamond is a hard and durable stone which is perfect to symbolise the strength of your love, this has been the case since ancient Greece.

Symbolises: Eternal love & energy


The emerald gemstone is one of the top 4 gems of choice, a deep and rich eye catching green tone. It is said that some believe Emerald to have great healing properties for the liver & eyes.

Symbolises: Wealth, health & fertility


There are 2 birthstones for June. Alexandrite which is very rare just like the other birthstone associated with June, pearl. Pearls are in fact the only gem found within a living creature. Nowadays pearls are cultivated or cultured since pearls are extremely rare in nature. Alexandrite was discovered in Russia in the 19th century. It is also used as the 55th wedding anniversary stone.

Symbolises: Honest, purity & wisdom


Rubies are said to be connected to the human body in ways such as helping the wearer navigate passion and calming anger. Rubies come with undertones of pink or orange.

Symbolises: Passion, strength & courage

Peridot green August birthstone necklace worn on odek


Peridot is said to be a great protector in darkness against evil spirits. Its vivid yellow undertone has labelled this bright green protective stone the “gem of the sun” in ancient times.

Symbolises: Good fortune & wisdom


This rich blue birthstone is considered an extremely spiritual stone, worn in history amongst high ranking spiritual figures. But did you know a sapphire is not limited to just blue? It can also come in all tones apart from red.

Symbolises: Truth, protection & spiritual growth


The opal stone is unique, each one completely individual and delicate. Opal is often associated with light and magic due to their dreamy appearance. Pink tourmaline is a birthstone also associated with October. It is connected to creativity, self- love, compassion and emotional healing.

Symbolises: Hope, creativity & innocence


The citrine gemstone is known for its warm orange/yellow tone. Did you know these are also of the same family as amethyst? When mined these stones are sometimes actually a smokey quartz or dull amethyst hue then heated to create a yellow/orange hue that is synonymous with citrine birthstones.

Symbolises: Protection & prosperity


Blue zircon is wrongly thought of being the same as cubic zirconia, a man made diamond, when in fact zircon is a gorgeous naturally occurring stone. The zircon gemstone can come in other colours such as red and yellow. But only the blue tone is associated with December. Other birthstones for December are blue topaz which has been associated with wealth and also tanzanite which is believed to bring calmness and higher consciousness to the wearer.

Symbolises: Serenity & good fortune

Now you are more knowledgeable on birthstones you can confidently shop through our Classic Birthstone Necklaces here or Personalised Birthstone Necklaces here


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