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Best Jewellery Content Captions Ideas

Are you looking for the best inspiration on your jewellery captions & hashtags for Instagram, Pinterest & Meta/Facebook? Check out some top captions ideas that will help inspire and increase your engagement. We have necklaces, rings and earrings covered. Whether you are a style content creator or small jewellery business; read, save & get posting!


· Ring finger where the rock is! #ringsofinstagram

· Pinky ring until I get a wedding ring. #pinkyring

· Some people want diamond rings..some just want everything! #jewellerylove

· Is one ever enough? #Ringsobsessed

· I like my rings *finish the sentence to your style* #ringinspo

· The more rings you wear the more you talk with your hands *hand emoji* - Don’t you think! #ringsfordays

· Ring stack of the week. #ringoftheday

· Rings are like dessert, there’s always room for more! #moreringsplease

· They say a ring is a halo for your finger. #beautifulrings


· Shining like the diamonds in my necklace #necklacebling

· Necklace stack essentials #necklacestack

· The joys of small things #daintynecklace

· Necklace layering tips – Pair with a plunging neckline or a turtle neck for maximum impact #necklacelayering101

· Necklace stack of the week #layeringnecklaces

Jewellery quote


· Let’s make plans, I’ve got jewellery to show off! #outout

· Felt cute. Wont delete later #feelingmyself

· The weekend line up. #letsgo

· Hair done, jewellery on #jewelleryoftheday

· First rule of getting dress, DON’T skip the jewellery! #jewelleryobsessed

· Your jewellery introduces you before you speak #jewelleryoftheday


· Life isn’t perfect but my jewellery can be. #myjewellery

· Born to glow. #goldenjewellery

· Golden favourites #goldjewellery

· I get distracted by shiny things #shinyjewellery

· Jewellery always fits. #jewelleryquote

· Don’t be afraid to shine, the sun doesn’t care if it blinds shine girl! #Shineon

· It’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewellery #Jewelleryobsessed

· She glows golden like a ray of afternoon sunshine. #goldenglow

· Jewellery is like the perfect spice, it compliments what’s already there. #perfectjewellery

· Nothing accessorizes your jewellery like the sun. #summerjewellery

· Life without jewellery is just – meh! #musthave

Jewellery quote


· Your jewellery tells a story – What do you think these accessories are saying today?! #accessoriesoftheday

· You can never have enough jewellery – What is your must-have jewellery staple? #staplejewellery

· Repeat after me “I deserve new jewellery” – Type I DESERVE in the comments if you agree! #ideserve

· What jewellery item can you not leave home without?! – Mine is.. #earrings

· Planning your jewellery is just as important as planning your outfit – wouldn’t you agree? #ootd


· You aren’t a shopaholic, you’re just helping the economy! – Add a *insert emoji* if you agree! #shopaholic

· It’s an add to basket kind of day – Check out *Insert an item you wish to promote* #onlineshopping

· Me: It’s not about what you own, but why you own it. Also me: adds a bunch of jewellery to basket. #jewellerylove

· A few little reasons to fill your cart today #payday


· The word jewellery comes from the ancient French word “Joaillerie”. Meaning joy & gladness. #jewelleryfacts

· It is believed that 80% of the Earths gold is still buried underground. #jewelleryinfo

Jewellery facts

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