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What is Demi-Fine Jewellery? All You Need To Know

Twist jewellery set on marble coaster

The latest demi-fine jewellery trend guarantees discerning buyers the luxury look & high quality without the exorbitant prices traditionally associated with fine jewellery. For those looking for fine jewellery at affordable prices, demi-fine jewellery offers the best solution. But what is demi-fine jewellery?

Cheaper jewellery has always been associated with a finger, neck or wrist turning green! Demi-fine jewellery avoids that by combining high-quality materials. Up to the Neck Jewellery in particular uses premium 925 sterling silver base (also known as gold vermeil), stainless steel centres, 14k & 18k gold plating which is sometimes adorned with semi-precious stones. Our modern yet timeless designs are at prices that won't break the bank.

What is Demi-fine Jewellery

Demi-fine is a term used by jewellery brands to describe accessible but luxurious jewellery that falls between cheap fashion jewellery and pricier luxury jewellery.

The secret lies in the balance of minerals that are used to make this semi-luxury jewellery. Using 18k gold plating over a stainless steel base gives added durability or Gold Vermeil which is gold layered over sterling silver gives you added premium. Demi fine jewellery uses purer metals to achieve attractive accessories without sacrificing quality or luxury.

Cheap gold plated high-street jewellery doesn’t last long due to the thickness of gold plating. The layer of gold used on demi-fine jewellery is much higher. The thickness is measured in microns. This determines how long the gold plating will last with proper care.

For example: Standard gold plated jewellery uses up to 0.5 microns of gold whereas Gold Vermeil uses 2.5 microns or more.

Who is Demi-fine Jewellery for?

Millennials and Generation Z are taking advantage of this trend but with Up to the Neck Jewellery there are no rules to who can or should wear it. If you are looking for timeless pieces which don't break the bank and gives you plenty of options Up to the Neck Jewellery is for you. Our jewellery can be worn daily without concerns or saved for special occasions.

How to Style Demi-fine Jewellery

One of the current popular themes of the demi-fine jewellery styling is layering; also known as stacks. It can be with earrings, wearing several small pieces of various shapes/sizes if you have multiple piercings. You can also stack your rings on each hand in ways which contrast and compliment your outfit or nails. The goal is always to create an attractive composition.

black woman wearing deliate demi fine jewellery

Demi fine jewellery is available in a mixture of beautiful bold eye-catching designs or minimalist styles. Up to the Neck jewellery is always feminine and sleek. Minimalism is the style most often use by demi-fine jewellery brands. Often these are laconic, "clean" adornments, geometric shapes are also popular.

Long Lasting and Easy to Care for

You will love your demi-fine jewellery because it is easy to maintain.

Up to the neck jewellery rings, earrings and necklace along with beige packaging

Demi-fine jewellery should of course still be handled with care as you would any fine piece of jewellery. It can last for years with proper care. When any metal is exposed to air and light it can deteriorate

in some way. So when you are not wearing your jewellery store it according to the retailer’s instructions. Up to the Neck Jewellery ships all purchases with a luxe storage bag which will help maintain the life & shine of your jewellery.

By following a few simple maintenance tips, your jewellery can be preserved:

· It is important to avoid using harsh perfumes and lotions directly on demi-fine jewellery which may contain chemicals that cause fading.

· Your gold jewellry may fade over the years, but a suitable polishing cloth will usually restore your jewellry to its original condition.

Please always care for your Up to the Neck Jewellery purchases following our guidelines sent along with your purchase, also available to read through here.

Remember, demi-fine jewellery is affordable for everyone it gives you the best of both worlds. The fine jewellery luxury look, premium quality & affordability. You can take advantage of silver or gold, gemstones, plain and or textures.

It’s your choice. Do you prefer gold or silver? Or would you like some colourful gems in rotation? Whatever your journey, these beautiful pieces of jewellery will cover you.


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