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Necklace Layering 101 - How to Stack Your Jewellery Chains

Lady wearing three stacked necklaces - chain, name necklace and Africa pendant necklace

How to Perfectly Stack your Necklaces

Layering or stacking necklaces is the of the moment trend/art of wearing multiple necklaces on your neck with the goal of creating a unique look. It’s a personal form of self-expression.

Necklace stacking is simply combining multiple chains or necklaces of different lengths in one look. As well as varying lengths, some people like to combine various metal types (Gold, silver &/or rose gold).

Mixing necklace styles is key to creating a unique layering necklace look. By using different designs to composite your look it grabs the eyes attention for longer. Here are our top tips for creating the perfect minimalist inspired necklace stack:

Tip #1 - Pick your headliner

Decide what you key focus of your look will be. A great headliner necklace is usually meaningful such as a custom name necklace, birthstone pendant or a gifted necklace from a loved one. Whatever you choose, this is your base to build around.

Tip #2 - Be contrasting

Try to keep your chain thicknesses fairly similar with contrasting textures or link types when building your layering necklace. Waterwave chains are great for adding texture and they catch the light well. Wide link chains are on trend and also a great ways to add texture and visual contrast to minimalist necklace stacks.

Tip #3 - Be complimentary

If you are using multiple pendant necklaces for your stack ensure they are complimentary. Play with different sizes, shapes and colours. The largest pendant should sit the lowest. This will keep it pleasing to the eye.

Tip #4 - Necklaces of different lengths

This is really important so they don’t lay directly on top of each other. However if your chosen necklaces are the same length watch our super easy necklace layering necklace hack here, to create adjustable lengths.

Tip #5 - Keep it minimal

The amount of additional necklaces is totally a personal choice. However if you love the minimalist style add no more than 1-2 chains. Our ideal necklace stack is 3 layers total.

Creating a personalised necklace stack is easy!

Following our 5 top tips will help you to easily create a one-of-a-kind layer necklace. Create a look to suit your mood and/or occasion. Up to the Neck Jewellery has designed & curated our necklaces to allow you to easily build a unique necklace stack. You can shop our full range of demi-fine waterproof gold necklaces here.


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